Saturday, July 14, 2007


My blog has become too crowded. So I am making some changes and will split things up a bit. So you will see some changes over the next few weeks. It will be a slow process as I plan to move messages from this blog to others.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shopping, yuck and ok

We didn't go shopping on our normal weekend with the hubby and rest of the family. The hubby has been working rather long hours and with oncalls it restrained from doing many things he would like to do. So instead of doing the Sunday shopping trip, I told him that I would go on Monday or Tuesday and he could have the entire day of Sunday just to himself (minus a couple of small, very small chores that I needed his help with, like taking a heavy object out of my car trunk).

So on Monday morning I listened to the weather report and the actual Tuesday trip I had planned for turned into a go quickly on Monday for sure. The heat is climbing and Tuesday was to be much hotter and it was.

The grocery shopping is done and I am much poorer for it. Wow, we were getting so low or out of so much. It's too bad we have to eat cause that $500 could well have gone to many play things I would like to get (not counting the couple hundred my sister spent, LOL, I said we were out of much). My car looked like I had lead in the trunk it was so loaded and I have a big car with a big trunk that I know how to pack to the max.

We had stopped at a couple of play places before doing the actual shopping and I will talk about those in a minute. When we actually got to the area for the bulk of our shopping my son looked in the trunk and said we aren't going to get much in there it's so full. Yea right. I grew up with a woman who's hubby (my dad), was in the Army. We traveled a lot. I watched that woman pack a trunk and learned volumes from that. I not only got all the stuff in that trunk from the first store but had room to spare for most of the stuff from the second store.

Yep I know how to pack it. Granted my front of my car was slanted a little (LOL, if that was a little then my hair is purple and it is not at all near that shade, being silver). So now I am good to go on many things for several months. Yes that's right several months. I hate shopping and if I can stock up for a time then that's all to the good. Oh there will be things like meats and things we run through quickly to pick up but many things are stocked for a while.

So on to the good stuff. I found a set of beading needles at Michaels that are big eyed needles. Many of mine were dust from tweaking them too bad. So I picked up a couple of packages of the short and the longer ones, but not much more then that of interest to me. I then went to Craft Warehouse where I found some more big eyed needles but wow, these are in the J shape for the bead spinner. So I got a couple of those and another little flower loom from knifty knitter. Before leaving the bead section (no I didn't buy any beads), I saw a bead bag. Compared to the prices I have seen of many of these different bead bags this one was pretty good so I bought it. Keeper Door Caddy If you scroll down this link you will see the keeper door caddy. It's pretty nice. I bought it. I have needles, beads, tools, and other beading stuff scattered throughout several bags and it will be nice to get them all together. I think I will also put my bead knitting steel needles and the gauge for them in this bag.
Lace Knitting Needle Gauge (for those interested)

My son wanted to stop at Big Lots to check out some games he heard were there, so I went next door to the Dollar Tree. I had read that they had incredible yarn and it was so. I picked up some in several different colors. This stuff has been so expensive that it was nice to buy it at a very low cost. I have an idea in mind of something I want to knit for me, but that will have to wait for a time to do it. Hopefully not too long.

Today we are heading to the movies. Well, I hope so. I want to see the new Die Hard movie. I hope it is still playing here, otherwise it would be a long trip on this the hottest day we are suppose to have since last summer. I don't know that I am up to that. In the case it has moved on here, well there is the pool on a hot day. I have yet to get in it this year and I love lounging around in there.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Knitting on Double Needles

My baby girl and the love of my life, my husband

I have had little time left over for myself with schooling and weddings and what not's happening, but I did take a little set of double point needles and some worsted weight yarn and played with these.

I am not making anything, I am just trying to learn how not to let those ladders occur in the work and I think I have it. It is not really all that difficult, well not the little bit I have done. I finally have a four inch piece that looks pretty good.

Granted these are large needles and I only used the stockinette stitch for practice but it looks good and that counts bunches for what I have tried in the past. I didn't even look at the size of the needles just grabbed some that looked like they would work with the worsted weight yarn and gave it a go.

So now I know that I can do this. I have tried so many times in the past and always failed. I am if nothing but stubborn though and if at first you don't succeed then try try again. LOL

I do believe that the more I loom knit, the better my needle knitting gets. I have said before that although I have needle knitted a very long time, I am no where near being beyond what I think of as the beginner in this form of needlework. Crochet has always been my first love and probably always will be.

Now I am done with so much that has been on the personal level and I am getting back into finishing files on the ripple stitch, learning this double pointed needle knitting, learning some more in Tunisian crochet, and am really to pick up my looms again.

The last week has been one of total burn out for me. Even my husband has noticed that all week I have gone to bed hours earlier then usual for me and I have sleep past him on most weekday mornings. That last has really made him say several times that I must be really worn out as I never, well till this last couple of weeks, sleep later then him.

My girl, my baby sister, and my youngest son

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