Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My very first day here

Well, I got this blog thing started this morning but didn't get far. I was babysitting, just one grandson, but oh boy is he an active grandson. Two years old and wanting to see everything, do everything, eat everything, and needs grandma to do it all with him. I am exhausted, totally exhausted. Isn't he cute though.

My son was taking his oldest son home to mom. Trenton was here for winter break. I knew Carter wasn't going to be happy about it. So I took my portable DVD player with me. When dad and brother were getting ready to leave and Carter was full of tears, I pulled that DVD player out with a movie already in it for him, Shark's tale. He played that movie for hours. I now know it by heart. It helped though. As dad and brother were leaving out the door they were mostly forgotten. They got a quick wave and that was the end of that. Grandmas are the best, well that's my opinion.

I am feeling kind of bad though. Mom and dad ran out of pullups and picked up a different kind then he is use to. After three of these pullups he has a rash that is horrible. All the meds they have for baby rashes amount to nothing in the help section. I had my Johnson's First Aide Cream and used that on him. By the time I left he was 50% better but still has a long way to go. I left that tube and went to Wally World and picked up another tube. This little man screamed so hard and the tears. Oh I hate having to hurt a baby. I tried bath tub washing and everything else I could think of but that cleaning of his little bottom was so painful. Makes you want to have tears watching him squirm away from you.

I took a bunch of loom knitting with me. What was I thinking? Only one kid means no one to entertain so I am it. I managed to get one row done on a baby bunting that has been sitting for a while. Oh well, theres always another day down the line.

Then we had a little walk to the bus stop to pick up Carter's other brother, Payton. Payton is in kindergarden and has a couple of short days and a long day at school. Today was a long day. Payton's friend came over to play and the boys mostly stayed in the bedroom then. Oh I needed that break, but guess what? Payton tells his friend that grandma has the coolest movies (I always bring movies to watch). He expecially likes Volcano, it has lava you know and he gets so sad when the lava gets the fire truck. Then grandma also has Nemo, and a very big favorite, Monsters Inc. You know they have these movies but grandma has to bring hers. It must be a kid thing. LOL



Blogger angelique said...

Welcom to Blog Land!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

Thank you, Angelique. This blogging is a very interesting way to get my thoughts down.

10:52 AM  

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