Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend mess

This is the five year old grandson, Payton. Right behind him is one of my extras, Austin, and in the far back the two year old, Carter. Boys, boys, boys. Yep that's mostly what I have. Well, we have a girl, Austin's sister but she didn't make it into this picture, but that is just one girl. We need more girls to even out the numbers.

Well, this weekend didn't go at all as I planned it to be. I had plans to do some things in the database for work then since the weather was suppose to be nice for one more day, I would go out and give my car a good cleaning, then do some needed house work, mopping and such. This would leave me with Sunday all to my crafts. Ha, the best plans are not to make any plans at all. Every time I make plans they do not come to pass. Instead something comes up and that is more important then my own plans.

The kid's car broke down way north of here earlier in the week. This is a bummer, they just had a computer chip replaced along with a bunch of other work that ran them close to $1000, not at but close. So here is the car down again. They had it towed to a shop up north and left it to be checked out. First it was there was a blown fuse (in the engine compartment that they says has to do with the computer). Ok fuse replaced, but what caused it to blow. Well, they said needed a new fuel pump. Ha, over $200 for this little piece. Now it still doesn't run right, so more checking. Ah a computer chip has gone bad. Have to replace that. Ok is this the same computer chip or another? No one seems to know. So the car is finished and ready to go.

Now it is the weekend, Saturaday, and my daughter takes my son up to pick up the car. He pays them over $700 for this work. He has to run north a bit to pick up stuff he left from his last trip and then return south. He got a little ways down the road going north and guess what? The car starts doing the exact same thing it did when it broke down up there. So he is stranded again.

This is where my part comes in. The DIL has a friend that will take her up north to retrieve the son, and my daughter says she will watch the kids, but she is still returning from up north. Yea, grandma gets the kids. I am too old to be able to do the things I want and watch an active 2 year old at the same time. So nothing that I planned is done, but I had an excellent day with the kids.

The hubby trimmed a lot of trees, and took out a few. Birches came out in a couple of areas (such messy trees and other kinds are taking their place). Plus a couple of maples that are sick needed to go. The back and front yards look like a forest that had been hit with high winds, branches and logs everywhere. So yesterday was a cleaning day for that. It was a burn day so that's what he was doing, burning all those branches and logs. Now the younger son went out with the two boys to help haul limbs and branches over to the burn pile. The oldest of the two boys worked for a while but went back to play his uncles video games. The two year old worked for hours. What a handy little guy. Oh don't worry he was not allowed near the fire. He was given a set distance he could go and he obeys rules pretty well. He just carried the branches over to his uncle and gave them over to him for the pile. I was amazed at how much work this little guy did. We kept telling him he didn't have to but he was helping Papa and Uncle Micah and didn't want to stop. It was so cute watching him. He would pick up a little branch and tell us he had a big one. Well, I guess to someone his size it was big. He cleaned up an entire area all by himself, a large area.

Wouldn't it be great if this guy continued on with this kind of idea of helping. Of course, he is going to grow up and who knows what will happen in this area, but at least for now he loves doing what ever he can to help. Sometimes the helping is not really helping but he thinks it is and this time it was.

Today I am on to the things I needed to do yesterday with the added need of laundry at the same time.



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