Thursday, May 21, 2009

If you caught the news Berta now is selling this new DVD. This thing is awesome. In it she teaches several things.

I already knew the butterfly one as I worked a hat and scarf in this one, but watching someone else do it affirms that I got it right. She did use a different amount of stitches for the butterfly then I did but that is the beauty of it, you can. For those of you who haven't been able to "get" this yet (boy I know how that goes), this will be great for you.

The fan and feather is something I have not tried yet but after watching Berta make it seem so easy I am going to have to try it. It sure is a pretty way to make something special for someone or even for yourself.

Now I have never been one into owls but the three owl videos are just great. Even if you do not want to do owls the lessons in cabling are just perfect. You don't have to make the owls but the practice in cabling would be a bonus to anyone interested in cables. I was totally enthralled by the one done with use of the ribber.

In the past we have talked on Berta's group about mitered knitting on the machine. Berta has showed in little online tutorials how to do this, but since those are no longer available (sad to say), this video would be great for those of you who missed it or need it as a reminder of just how to do this, or are not in the group. This is longer then the online one Berta had and perfect for learning this. I so have to try this one.

The last section of the DVD is going to floor all of you. It is Entrelac. Not just any little short blurb on it but a full 70 minutes (slightly more when you keep going back going "ah", and again "wow". Makes watching this section run into a couple of hours for me. LOL

Although I loved the rest of the DVD this section takes the prize for having this in your library of videos to watch. I can tell you that you will learn more then just how to do entrelac. I picked up several different things that I can use that have nothing at all to do with knitting entrelac at all, but I will leave that as a surprise to all.

Ok just my little review of this. Berta never ceases to amaze me. The work that goes into this shows just how much she cares about us learning to use our machines to the fullest.

Want to check out Berta's DVD's go here:
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I am interested in learning how to use a bulky knitting machine - do you know of anyone who teaches this - i am in central nj. thanks

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