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Ok how many of you have heard about the Tear Drop Monument? I hadn't till a month ago. This thing is awesome, but I hadn't heard about it. This monument was built and then dedicated on September 11, 2006. It is in New Jersey and was a gift from the Russian people to the US to remember 9/11.

Now I do have to say that my husband and myself watch the news constantly. We watch many different channels as well as listen to the radio. I hardly ever listen to music. That still makes me too sad over some past experiences. We have that look the enemy straight on so they do not sneak up from behind kind of attitude. Be aware, be very aware of both sides. Dad always said "keep your eye on the bad as it has a tendency to attack when you least expect it."

So having the background of watching and listening "WHY" have I never heard mention of this in the news, by any, liberal, moderate, or conservative, news people. Was the blurb about it so tiny it came and went quickly? Why?

Gee if I was a Russian I would be very upset over what seems to me to be a total snub of the gift they gave the US. I would be very angry at this country. If they are I could not blame them one bit.

Something this awesome should have been on every TV and Radio channel letting people have the knowledge that this was built and completed. I still wouldn't know about this except for that odd email from a friend.

Oh and folks, I do check these things out. I do not want to be one to pass along that which is something born in the boredom of someones mind. Any simple search will get you dozens of different sites to show the truth of this:
Russia Honor
Did you Know About The Russians Tear Drop Memorial


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