Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Had the grands all afternoon.  Boy oh boy can those babies take the wind out of an old lady.  Tanner is just a year old right now, turned one last Sat.  He is a handful.  He hasn't been left without mama as much as Mason and he doesn't handle it well in the beginning. 

Poor fellow just wants to be held and only by grandma.  Grandma obliges he is a cuddler.  Normally he takes his nap in his crib but I don't have one of those so I sat holding this big boy for over an hour when he finally relaxed enough to sleep.  I can tell you my hips are hurting for it but gee he won't be a baby for long.  He is reaching that toddler stage now.

Mason sure is getting the bunt of having a little baby brother to get between him and grandma.  I told his mom that this is a bit stressful for him, so him and grandma need a special just us day.   I hope to get that next week.  He and grandma can go have lunch and some light shopping when mom is doing her weekly shopping with Tanner.  That will be nice.

Well, going to go work on the crocheted hat I started tonight.  I am making this up as I go, not hard as it is a simple stitching and it is tiny.  Another hat for the daughter for a photo prop.