Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Braided chair patterns

I went looking for some new braided chair patterns and it seems there are not really very many new ones to add to my stash.  Bummer, by this time I would have thought (there I go thinking), that someone would have made up something.  Guess I am going to have to do my own for a couple of things I want to make.

I did find a site that is selling some older copies of patterns for chairs.  I was shocked to see "vintage" on some of the books they are selling.  ROFLOL Vintage, my inside dates on the books say 1999, is that vintage.  They do mention that some of these are out of print (and that doesn't mean not being sold as I found two of these on a macrame site being sold).

It really was the price that floored me the most.  Almost twenty dollars for a book I paid less then six dollars for when I bought it brand new.  Wow such an increase in price.  Looked through all the books I could find and nothing much new, except for a tool I found for joining cording together.  Now that one I want.  I have the beading tool that can do the same thing but I stopped using those years ago for that.  The wires on the beading tool can be pulled out of the wood handle and then they are worthless to me.  So I will see about getting the tool made just for this purpose.  The price is not to high but I took a look see at the construction and might be able to make my own.  So I will see if I can first.

Again had trouble signing in but I am learning different tricks to this.  So at least I got into this blog faster, that is till google finds another way to trick me out again.

Got the second chair frame cleaned.  Over the years the back bar had rusted a little bit and that rust on a chair is so ugly, plus not being good for a child.  This time instead of hand sanding it off I use a small sander.  

I actually took the sander out to do some wood arms on an adult chair so I can rebraid it.  The polycord on that one finally failed after about fifteen years.  So we removed it Sat, well my sister did that part.  She loves to tear up things, I hate it.  The wood arms had lost their finish and splinters were possible when rubbing along the sides.  So sanding and refinishing was needed.

So since I had the sander out I decided to see if the last bits on the sand paper would do the job on the little chair.  Wow, two to three minutes and it was nice and shinny.  Love this.  Will have to remember it for future projects (and I do have a few other back bars that need this cleaning).  A sander sure would make the time to get a chair ready be shorter.  That I would like.  Plus there is the added bonus of not messing your skin on hands up with that sand paper.  Yes I use gloves, but it still happens.  Then I can handle yarn. 

So the second little chair has the vertical wraps already done and I have started the horizontal ones also but am barely into that.  I got tired after cleaning the chairs.  Oh for the adult chair I had to do some cleaning of the aluminum frame.  Not a lot, it will never be perfect again due to age and dings, but at least so it was cleaner then it had been.  Sitting around all winter they get really dirty.  Should be able to get that little chair done by tomorrow.  I have to work today.


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