Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hat and scarves

This is the loom knitted hat I made for Athea.  The body of the hat was created on a green knifty knitter loom.  the ear flaps and edging are crocheted.  Front view.  Athea tried this on and darn she looked cute in it, but then she looks cute in everything.

The first ear flap is in the darker color.

Second ear flap in the other color.

Scarf is done in crohooking.  This is a reversible scarf.  See following pictures.

Side with lighter color.

Side with darker color.

Scarf made for Tanner.  Knitting machine Brother KH 230 with ribber.  I am just learning the ribber. Racking pattern II but I decreased the amount of needles used.  Edging is half double crochets then a round of single crochets.

Bit of a closer look, some pictures didn't turn out too good.  This is actually a dark brown like the picture above.

Scarf for Mason.  Work on the same machine with ribber.  Pattern stitch is Racking of English rib.  Edging is crocheted crab stitch or also called reverse single crochet.

Sorry I took a bunch of close up but none turned out. This is the best of the lot.

Now Athea wants dark blue scarves to go with the boys dark blue snow suits.


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