Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have been doing some work learning to use the garter bar.  This is the first thing I did.  I have done one of these before but it was using waste yarn to turn, and then a knitting needle (dp).  That works fine but using the garter bar is much faster.  These are not finished off yet, but I wanted to show the work thus far.

This one has rows knitted in color, then turned for one row of black to be turned again.  Then is decreased across the top till there was only three stitches left.

This next hat is a weaving with the garter bar.  I used four different colors in ribbon yarn to do this one. This yarn is from Lion Brand and is called Incredible.  I have had this sitting around wondering what to do with it.  Again the hat is not completed but I plan to do this one up soon. 

Notice the bottom section with the cuffed brim.  This is where I made a mistake.  I didn't consider that the weaving would be on the back side of the work, that is where it shows best.  You can see some of the weave on the knit side when it is stretched.  That also looks neat.

Back to the mistake.  I didn't turn that cuff after it was made and was way into the weaved part before I even had a thought about what I had done.  So I thought that maybe I could just fix that by weaving a ribbon or ribbons along the edge.

Then the hat was finished and I took a good look.  Oh no I don't want to touch this one.  That is such a cute brim that I like it just as it is.    It adds a little something to the brim that is better then the plain old brim that would normally be there.  Yep, this one is staying just like it is.

So this has been my of late playing with the knitting machine.  I have already got the brim section for another hat made but haven't gotten into the weaving part yet.  I am adding an additional four yarns to the first four.  This next four is alektra yarn and is some string with bits on the yarn, like little color squares.  This should be interesting.


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