Thursday, March 09, 2006

Inside out

I wanted to show you how the inside of the hat I posted before looks and finally found a picture I took of it. See how the strands lay across the inside. This is what forms the layer of warmth in these hats, but also what you have to watch out for in skipping to many pegs. The long strands can become a loose mess on the inside of too many pegs are skipped. This one is not too bad as only one peg was skipped.

I got to the end of my scarf last night and removed it from the board. Oh boy, did I blow it. I am not sure just what I did wrong. I removed it as I usually do but it bunched. Then when I tried to fix it I started loosing rows. I lost about two inches before I finally found where the problem was. Now it is on one of my large cro-hooks. I have to figure out how I want to finish it now, but I was too tired to worry more about it last night. Midnight isn't a very nice time for me as it is way past my bedtime.

So they said it was going to snow down to the valley floor this morning. When I got up I was disapointed. No snow. Five minutes after awakening the flakes started. We got a sprinkling enough to cover the ground and house, then it stopped and melted off. Well, it is snowing again. If the weatherman is right we should be getting even more of this over the next couple of days. Wow it is starting to get cold even in the house. Last time I checked it was 39 degrees in the carport, haven't checked for about 45 minutes. Burr, need to turn up the heat or go sit by the heater.

There is something to be said for cooler weather though. When you get to my age that change of life does some terrible heating stuff to you. My poor hubby has had to live with a fan at night for the last two years. He says he is beginning to not be able to sleep with out it. The human body does learn to adjust so well to change in temps.

If it snows enough I won't be going to work today. I am not going out there to attach chains to my car. I am not that interested in going to work if the roads become covered. I don't do snow. I like looking at the stuff cause it's pretty, but I lived in Minnesota when I was a kid. I had all the snow that one lifetime could handle in just that one year. Well, there was also snow times when we lived in Arkansas but it was a different type of snow then you get in the north.

Funny I just got a call from the boss. He will come to pick me up if I don't want to drive. Yea, right. The husband knows I don't do snow. At all. It is cold wet and some of those (pardon) stupid drivers that have moved in from the south are not bright enough to understand that snow and 60 mph don't mix real well, and whipping in and out of traffic could be a death sentence for everyone around you. If I was to go and anyone was to pick me up it would be the hubby. I trust him more in his driving skills. I have been in a car in thick heavy snow with him driving, I know how far I can trust his driving. Call me a coward if you want. I will admit to it. It's snowing harder now. Weatherman says we could have two or three days of this. Crazy it is, it has been spring weather now winter is hitting. What's up with this?



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