Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3-D Bells-crocheted

Right now I am working on 3-D Bells. I cannot find my pattern anywhere, so I had to make up another.

My daughter, youngest, mentioned making bells. She and her honey are going to have a craft booth in just a few weeks. So here I am without a pattern. At first I went looking for patterns for bells, not even thinking about the copyright factor. That's ok, I didn't find a single one that I liked at all. Well, that's not exactly right, there are a couple of very pretty bells out in internet land, just not my bell. Nothing at all like my bell.

I use to make tons of bells every year. I would give them away, and put them on the tree. In the last few years I haven't make any Christmas decorations at all. Just too many other things I wanted to do.

So here I am needing to make bells, and no pattern. So sitting and playing time. I worked till I got the bell similar to what I use to make. Not exact mind you, but this is working. I have done some adjustments as I make the bells, but just little amounts here and there to make it a faster easier pattern to do.

Now I have eighteen of those little bells done and I am beginning to remember why I stopped making them. It is so tedious and the eyes are not what they use to be, the hands and wrists complain, but I will not give up. I am going to get as many made as I can. ROFLOL Stubborn that's my middle name as my parents use to tell me all the time.

You know they sure are pretty though. I am wondering if I should do some with glitter on them when I stiffen them. I have never done that before. I usually just use a ribbon for the hanger and bow on them. I shall have to see about doing at least one with glitter if I have the time.

Yesterday I was lazy, and didn't even do one bell. Well, lazy isn't exactly the word for it. I mopped, hall, dining room, kitchen, vacuumed bedroom, did six loads of clothes blankets, went through stuff needing to be thrown away, you know old receipts, papers, etc. and shifted some craft stuff from one room to another. A busy day so by the time evening came I was too "lazy" "tired" to pick up my hook. I did start to show my oldest daughter how to do Tunisian crochet. Just a little, oh I had one bell that was almost done and finished it off, but I don't consider that little bit as having worked on them. That was just a complete a couple of rows.



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