Thursday, October 05, 2006

Built in fringe?

Gordon (one of my group members) followed some links I posted to the group we belong to and as a result he found some information on how to do fringe. Then I remembered a picture that showed how to fringe on a board as you go.

This can be used for a double or single rake. Remember this was not invented by me but came from that picture in a group I moderate. That file is not in English so I had to try to figure it out as best I could. It doesn't seem to be all that difficult though. So please, it is not mine, just something I would like to pass on to others. These are my words as there were none that I could read from the picture, besides it is not in English. I did the best I could with what I could see.

You cut your fringe pieces to have them first, before starting any wraps. Then fold those fringe pieces and put the fold around the peg. Then take the two ends and do the shoelace start, you know the first starting fold over. Bring this tie right up to the pegs, but don't go too tight.

Do this so the fringe is hanging outside of the loom. When all the pegs are done, then move the fringe to the inside of the loom.

Now wrap your board in what ever stitch you are going to use. Knit off the fringe piece over the first wrap. Your fringe is now sitting on that first wrap and is done. Continue to wrap for your pattern until you are at the finish.

Now if you want fringe at the other end that can be done also. Take your cut fringe and pick up a stitch off the board. Put the fringe piece through the stitch, do the tie and place it back on the peg. When you have done all the pegs you want fringe on, then knit off the stitches. Your other end fringe is built in.

If anyone tries this please let me know how it works. I have only seen it in pictures and haven't had time to give it a try myself. I don't have anything that needs fringe on it.



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