Friday, May 18, 2007

Kumihimo tama's or rather replacemets

I found this Donut Corner Insulators for use as tama's. I think these will work much better then the clothes pins I had planned to use. They were cheap also, just over $3 for a bag of ten. They are insulators used on electric fencing and I found them at the local grange store.

These look like they will hold the yarn better for the Marudia stands and I think I will use the clothes pins for the hand held mirror that I am making, although I am still considering notches for holding the threads on the hand held.

In my considering of what to use I took into thinking the watching I did of three videos on this process. I think these donut corners will be much easier to pick up and move then trying with the clothes pins. I think they will also help keep down any possible tangling that could possibly happen with the clothes pins, but I will try both just to see.

I still have a ways to go before the Marudia is ready to use, but I have at least gotten a start.