Monday, May 07, 2007

Working on knitting

I finally managed to get a longer span of time to work on the ripple piece on my loom. I think I have mentioned (if not here then in groups), that I have had a problem with a gap in a section of the ripple. The gap has to do with the hills sections of the ripple where the K1f&b or K1b&f is done. I had to work to solve this problem. Now as I am knitting I still see this gap but not that the piece is longer this gap no longer exists. The stitches are setting themselves and the gap closes. I am using a large gauged loom with two strands of worsted weight yarn, with six colors. Oh is it pretty. I am just doing a small piece and there is a lot of shrinkage to the piece but it will still be large enough for a small size of baby ghan.

I just need a few more days (but that tends to be up to the whims of my family and job, LOL) to get this piece done and figure out the best cast off for this ghan. I have a sample piece that I did and when I cast it off it lost the ripple effect for the cast off row. At first I thought I would keep it as an example but decided to frog several rows and get it back on the loom to play with the cast off. I want the ripple effect to show over both ends of the piece, not just one.

Then I have also played with two, no three ways to make this ghan. Each creates a slightly different type of look and texture to the piece and each is very nice. I just haven't decided which I like best. I still have another method of doing this to try before I move on to a couple of other afghan patterns I want to play with.

It is just too bad that I have to stop to do things like housework, laundry, dinners (I don't do them all that is a shared family thing, with the hubby doing most of that, yummy meals, LOL he's an ex-cook). Then work tends to take up most of my time, during the day. That too is a bummer, but work keeps the funds coming in to purchase the crafting material. So I guess I cannot have everything. ROFLOL

We had some beautiful weather yesterday and I stayed out most of the day, besides the running to do dinner and some laundry. Oh there was the sweeping early and putting things away, like the just cleaned dishes (sis did the washing of them).

I did have the two grands that are brothers all afternoon, but one was watching a Harry Potter DVD, and the other went back and forth from house to outside with me. After the movie both boys came outside to help PaPa with his above the ground pond building. They took little rocks and place them at various places. A chore making for grandma and papa as they had to be removed after the boys left. Some, ah, accidentally fell in the water, yea, accidentally. LOL You know though it was so much fun watching them decorate with the rocks. Papa said the missed the pile of agates he had sitting to the side. They would have made much prettier addition (and easier to see on pick up time) then the plain old rocks they were using.

We did tell the boys not to put the rocks in the water as that changes the water level. The youngest did it several times again and his brother told him he was not suppose to put the rocks in the water. The youngest looked at his brother and calmly said, I am allowed. ROFLOL Where he got that idea we will never know but it was one of those laugh till you drop with the way he said it and the serious look on his face.

That youngest is usually quite the mover, yesterday was no different, but he display something new to us. I was drinking some water and swallowed wrong. That caused me to cough a little. Carter looked and me and said "What's wrong with you grandma". I couldn't figure out what he was talking about and told him nothing was wrong, but he insisted that I tell him what was wrong with me. So I asked him why he thought something was wrong. He said, "I heard you cough". I have never seen this child as serious as he was right then. He had such a worried little look on his face. I am thinking that we are beginning to see the result of the loss of his baby brother and we will have to watch him to make sure he does OK. Up to now he has had little reaction to the loss except that he tells us that Noah comes to play with him. He always goes to his room to show Noah his new things.

Well off to get ready for work. I hope you all have a wonderful day and that your just over weekend was as wonderful as mine was.

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