Monday, April 23, 2007


I am still working on the ripple afghan on a single rake loom. It seems to be coming along ok now but I need the piece longer to check a problem with it. Between the first and second K1b&f stitches there is a gap that forms. The larger the gauge of the loom the worse the gap seems to be. I have a piece on a regular gauged loom and now on a 5/8" gauged loom.

On the regular gauged loom there doesn't seem to be any gap occurring but there is a slight one one the 5/8" one. From the piece I removed from the large 3/4" gauged loom I could see the gap starting to disappear so I am hoping this will happen on the other slightly smaller gauged loom. If it doesn't then this pattern will only be for the smaller gauged looms. Bummer for that if that is the choice.

I am also still working on the third part of the Knitting Primer review. It is going to come out later today. Then I can get all three parts put together. I will set up a pdf file so that people new to loom knitting can have access to it. I will post it to a few groups and on my blog here.

Other then that I have had some fairly quiet days. Last Friday was my 27 anniversary, but all we did for that was a birthday party for my grandson Payton. He turned 7 years old on Thursday the 19. He was a "most excellent" anniversary present seven years ago. This was his first party where kids from school were invited and it was a great party. It was the one day where the rain stopped, and it warmed up so the kids got to play outside. They had a great time. We got such a kick out of watching them with the pinata that I got for the party. Children are so much fun.

My MIL sent me some yarn for my anniversary. I got some more Lion Brand Boucile and she sent a large skein of Sensations Rainbow Boucile. This is amazing. On my last shopping trip where I bought a ton of yarn, I managed to get one skein of this very same yarn in this exact same color. I had wanted two of them but only one was in stock. I figured that later maybe they would have more, but wonders do happen, my MIL didn't know I wanted this yarn, and she sent the perfect one. Now I have that second skein.

The hubby just got old money. He is building above the ground water ponds and he is putting that money to good use already. He bought some more water plants for them. He has two of the ponds running right now. One is made to form a little babbling brook and is so peaceful sounding. The other is huge containers with pipes that flow the water from one container to another, then the water gets pumped back up to start over. Once the plants start to grow in and around these it will be such a great place to sit. He even had a great big redwood stump given to him and it is a sitting place now. He is working to make this look natural. The lady who had the redwood cut down is going to give him a few more stumps for the yard.

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