Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here again

I have to say sorry for not having posted the other parts of the Loom Knitting Primer review. I blew it and am just now able to sit at the computer for more then a couple of minutes.

What it comes down to is I helped my sister put sliders under a very heavy oak coffee table and pulled a muscle in my right leg. That in turn pulled on my internal organs and activated an ovary infection that I didn't even know I had. The good news is that I am now up and getting around better and the series of tests done show me to be in otherwise wonderful health. Three to four days laying on my side in absolute pain is not a fun thing to do, so I am glad to be moving on again.

Maybe this will teach me a lesson, but who knows. It is such a hard lesson to learn that age is catching up and you have to slow or stop some things you are use to doing on your own. Oh did I get a talking to. My son says I should have gotten him to do the lifting, my hubby says the same thing. I am a very bad person for not thinking about what I was doing. You'd think I would know better since I had a major problem with hip and leg last year, the opposite one, but still a lesson should have been learned.

So now I can sit at the computer and I have a draft of the second part in the works. I hope to have it online by tomorrow or Saturday. This one is a bit trickier then the last piece was and I want to do the best job of gaining your interest that I can. Oh yes there is a lot to have interest in.

So please forgive and I will get to working on the rest of the story.


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