Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Samples of passap machine knitting using pushers.

This is also a passap sample:

Another passap sample:

A sample of racking on the Brother KH 230 with ribber. See the second picture to see my boo-boo. I dropped a stitch on the ribber bed and didn't catch it soon enough.

This is a sample the passp book has you do to see what different settings can make.

This hat is another of my experiments on the innovations machine. I used two strands of 2/24 cone yarn, and kept switching the placement of the yarn. One strand will go into the yarn guide and then the next is on top. If you leave them that way one color goes to one side the other color to the other side. By removing the strands from the guide, switching the cones placement and reinstalling the strands colors switched you can make the colors change places.

This hat was also done on the innovations machine. It is for my grand daugher. I my skills, my machine her (natural) grandmothers yarn. It turned out perfect for her. I just need to make a scarf to go with it.

This is a simple shawl I made on the Brother KH230 machine. I sent this to my MIL for that just a little chill in the house moment.

This scarf is the last thing I made. It was done on a Knit King compuknit III machine. It is over six feet long, and wide enough that it can be worn over the head and still have plenty of length to wrap it. This I made for my MIL.

These hats were a lesson in what not to do. I made these for my daughter. She was going to take pictures of twins and called to ask if I could make her two hats, a pink and purple and do pompoms on them the opposite color. She wanted them like some other hats I have done her. So loom knitted these are.

The thing is I had no idea of the size of the twins. I did know they were young. So I called her and asked about head size. She didn't know. So I decided to make three sizes using the knifty knitter blue loom. She wanted that larger weaved look and this loom is perfect.

She called on a Fri night, pictures were to be done Sun morning. So get to work. Oh yea, not hard. I did two hats, a small and a medium, Fri night. Started early on Sat to get the rest made. Looming the hats wasn't so bad but I decided to take a break from the hats and make the pompoms. Oh wow, that took most of the day. All that winding and trimming.

By the time I finished all the pompoms, and the other hats, it was 7pm. I had sat all day long making these with very short breaks. I am hear to say never again. My hips, legs, back, arms, fingers, shoulders, neck, head, hands, wrists, and you name it complained for days afterward. They hated me and I hated myself. Marathons are just not in the numbers for this old lady, but they did turn out really cute.

BTW: it was the smallest of the hats that fit the twins, and they could have been a bit smaller. The twins are both under five pounds.


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