Thursday, November 26, 2009

I made these hats on the innovations machine over the last couple of days. I really didn't take any pictures except what you see here but I did want to talk a little about these. As you look at the hats you will see the designs all look a little different. Then if you turn the hats inside out, there is an even different patterning to the hat.

This was some yarn that came in an auction I won. I actually wanted the mainstay dark blue yarns in the auction but was quite surprised at how nice this variegated yarn is. There were five skeins of it. So I wound it and then used it for the boys. I have two more for the other two grands.

I showed the boys how the patterning can be different and they chose the sides they liked best, at least the middle two boys did.

My grandson Carter.
Grandsons, Carter and Payton
Grandson, Trenton
Trenton again
Carter and Payton again
Grandson, Andrew
Andrew again.


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