Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The room

This is one side of my bulky 230 machine, picture on the wall, and the other machine is a standard 930. Knit leader standing in the middle.

This is my passap machine. See I even use the window seal to hold things. Got to use every inch that I can. There is a stand behind the passap and the bottom shelf has cones of yarn.
The shelf in the corner needs some help. It is an old shelf that has a bit of bowing in the middle section of the shelf. So I need to find a way to bring it back together or get longer pegs for the shelf. In front is my macrame stand
Close up of the passap and the stand under and behind it.
Shelf with accessories in corner, it also holds my records, and some other crafting things. In the front are the 930 and the knit king compuknit III. These machines to have the garter carriages on them.
A peg board with some of my looms. My little tiny TV. Corner book self has machine books.
Messy, messy, messy. I keep moving things on and off of this shelf. Can't quite figure out how to do this one so it is best used.
My eagles are on this shelf. I have other display shelves to put up for my eagles but till those go up those eagles don't move. I just cannot take a chance of them breaking.
This is a shelf (upper right), that the hubby installed. It has my little knitters on this end, plus some yarns. Below is the top of the cubicles the hubby brought me. Cone yarns fill these, and the very top back is our emergency lamps in case of power loss.

Oh such a lot of mess to still figure out. I just do way too many crafts. Maybe I should drop some, NOT. I wouldn't know what to give up.


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