Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mason, just four

OK I short circuited my grandson yesterday. All I did was ask him a question
and I totally turned his little brain to mush. It was the oddest funniest
thing to see. It was one of those moments you just wish you had that video
camera with you.

A background. Mason is the grandson who wakes, opens mouth, and talks, and
talks, and talks. That boy just has so much to say, ask, and a desire to learn,
learn, learn. He does this by driving you to distraction with all his rambling
and question asking.

So we were at the last stop yesterday in our shopping. We were at Target. Mom
took the boys with her to look for some jeans, they are growing so fast. I went
to check out Targets DVD section. Found a package deal of Harry Potter movies,
$37.98, that had all five movies in it. We do have 1-3, but to buy the 4 & 5
would cost me $40 separately and this was a better deal. So I grabbed it.

Then I went to find mom and the boys. She wanted to try something on and asked
me to watch the boys. So here they are sitting in the cart and Mason is talking
talking talking. I am listening listening listening and answering answering
answering. Oh boy what a faucet mouth.

Then I did it. I asked the Question. Mason, don't you ever stop talking? He
shut up. He had this perplexed look that told you his little brain was
searching for an answer to this question. He looked at me, pointed his little
finger (remember he is only four), and that look came over him again. His
little eyes rolled around in their sockets, and again that perplexed look was on
his face. Several times he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came
out, not even a little sound, nothing at all. He didn't even move. He was
standing in the basket perfectly still, except for that little finger pointing
from time to time, and that face changing from the brain searching look to the I
think I have it back to the searching look again.

Here I am about to burst with laughter and holding it back feeling like I am
going to burst open, while this little mans brain searches for that answer that
he just can't come up with. For a whole minute he stood there repeating the
looks, the almost saying something, the pointing the finger again, but nothing
happened. Suddenly it was like turning on the lights, he started to move and
with that movement came words pouring out faster then he had been talking (and
that is pretty fast). Did he answer the question? No. He just went right back
to his last thoughts before I asked the "question". It was like it had never

My daughter was listening from the dressing room, the clerk there was watching
him as he tried to find an answer, and there was me. Oh I though that clerk was
going to pass out from laughing when this little man reactivated. She just
about fell over as she laughed without letting it come out full. Like me she
contained it but didn't. It was all I could do not to laugh as to Mason this
was serious time. ROFLO

Oh what a memory for the data-banks in the recesses of my own mind. I wouldn't
have missed this for the world.


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