Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Experiment from picture

Done on the small blue knifty knitter loom, crochet cast on EOP, Knit EOP till desired length, gather cast off.

Now this comes out a bit small for a new born. That EOP just decreases the size too much. So done on maybe the red loom EOP would be better.

I really had to stretch to get this on this newborn headed doll, but it is too long for the preemie sized doll so the amount of rows would need to be decreased.

I didn't have the super bulky yarn that I think the original picture I saw was worked up with, so I used two strands of a chunky but the super bulky or three strands of the chunky would make a better looking hat.

Also I only did the e-wrap and it would look more like the original if the knit stitch was used.


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