Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toys and knitting

I have been working on a new knitting table for outside.  My one we built, hubby and me, last year is now in a permanent place in my room where I have a machine and ribber set up.  So I won't have it for outside.  Another is needed.

So the hubby had a piece of wood, 1" thick, that he cut down to make me another table.  He attached a set of folding legs, and I sanded it yesterday.  Then he put some sealer on it.    I went to test the dryness last night and got, yep, a splinter.  I barely touched the darn thing.  So it needs more sanding.

So to the newest toy.  I got a new belt sander today.  A much bigger, much stronger sander then the little tiny thing I was using.  The trouble is I won't be able to use it till Wednesday.  The sealer that is on the table needs more drying, and I have to work the next two days.

I do like new toys and this one will be so handy.  I also have a picnic table and benches to sand and repaint.  So I will get to use this toy more very soon.

I have done another weaved knitted hat.  No picture yet.  I was gathering it off the machine last night and put a needle hook in my right middle finger.  Hurts like the dickens today.  So I haven't touched any more knitting.  Heck we took that long drive to Medford and I couldn't even work on anything.  


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