Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just today

This is a bunting I made with a loom, knitting needles, and a crochet hook. I first made the body on a board loom, then the hat portion. After the body was done I sewed up the sides and the shoulder area. I left enough in the shoulder area to ease a hat I made on the same board. This was made in one piece on the board. I knitted the back till it was long enough to fold and have the bottom piece be solid.

Then I took two separate cakes of yarn and did the front by dividing the stitches in half and working each half separately. This is not as difficult as it might sound. You simply use your first two cakes/skeins/balls of yarn to wrap one side, then wrap the next side with the next two cakes of yarn. This way you keep your sides moving up together and do not have a chance of losing track of rows by counting.

I did two flat flaps for the closing the front on the knitting needles. Since the loom is a large gauge I also used a large gauged knitting needles. I picked up stitches along the one side of the opening and knitted a flat piece where the buttons were to be attached. Then I picked up stitches on the other opening side and knitted that section with button holes. I used teddy bear and rabbit shaped buttons on this one. It really is a lot cuter in person then the picture. The front knitted flaps have a crinkle look to them that is quite pretty. To finish off I crocheted around the edges of the front flap and hat.

From the way this one is made you could add arms if that was something you wanted. It would be just a matter of doing a little reduction at the arm area, or you could just do the square type of arm inserts. I don't really get into doing sweaters and such so I would have to go very simple on these, but it could be done.

I gave this piece to my daughter with the idea of her using it when fall and winter set in. Just didn't happen. Mason was born in almost too big for this. He grew so quickly that by the time cold weather set in it was way too small for him to be put in. Such a shame, but at least I had fun making it. It gave me some great practice playing on a board loom.

I went to work. That dumb snow decided to stop. Just when I thought I had it made for an extra play day the weather changed. Now it is raining with some snow flakes bouncing in from time to time, but naturally I am home now. That was a terrible tease. Oh well, no work tomorrow. I just won't go. I have to work this weekend and I have been to the shop every day. So tomorrow belongs to me.

Well, I am off to see about finishing the scarf I almost lost from my mistakes. Just think at least I had that wonderful practice of picking up stitches, yea right. LOL



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