Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hooded scarf

I haven't updated this in a few days. I have been so busy that I just haven't had the time. Work and family have occupied my time.

Here you see pictures of my lastest done loom knitted hooded scarf combo. I did this one on a large gauged CinDWood scarf board. When ever I decide to do another of these I will make some changes. I would like the scarf portion a little longer and a bit more narrow then what I made this one. This was only meant to lay in the front across the chest, not to wrap around.

Board loom large gauge, 18 pegs per side (36 pegs total to the board)
Double strand of worsted weight yarn
I needed 4 8oz skeins, two of each color, main color=MC, contrasting color=CC
Pick of your choice
Figure eight and single stitch wraps
Long tail cast on
Crochet removal every peg.
Working yarn is the yarn coming from the skein

Using the long tail cast on and MC, cast on to all pegs
Using figure eight wrap and knit off 4 rows
Body plus side edge:
*Figure eight wrap the first 2 peg sets (top two, bottom two pegs)
Wrap across the loom using the single stitch (amishlooms stitch) (DA's zig-zag stitch) till you get to the last four pegs, two top and two bottom.
Figure eight wrap the last two sets, top 2 bottom 2 pegs.*
Work the same as between ** for 30 more rows, cut MC and attach CC.

Change yarn to second color:
Work five rows for stripe as follows:
Work row one in ** pattern
Work row two all figure eight
Work row three in ** pattern
Work row four in all figure eight
Work row five in ** pattern, cut CC and attach MC.

Body continued:
Work in ** pattern for 31 rows, cut MC and attach CC.

Hat portion:
Work hat portion for 31 rows following in same stitch pattern, cut CC, tie on MC

Reverse the order of what you have just done.

Once you have finished the second side border rows remove as follows:
Start on the opposite end of the board from where your working yarn is and on the opposite side, pick up the stitch from the first peg with your crochet hook. Pick up the first stitch from the opposite row. Example: If you are starting your pickup from the bottom row, you would next pick up the stitch from the first peg top row. Now pull this second stitch through the first one.

Go to the number two stitch on the row you started with, pick it up and pull it through. Continue moving from bottom to top, or top to bottom, depending on where you started, picking up stitches and pulling them through. When you get the last stitch pulled through cut and pull the end through to finish off.

Using the same color of yarn cut a long strand to sew up the back portion of the hat. Start at the bottom about an inch into the hood portion, leaving a long strand for hiding and extra sewing if needed. When I did this I left a portion of the hood color that is not sewed. It leaves about an inch to sit at the base of the neck.

Now attach CC to the bottom edge at the back of the scarf with the right side facing you and single crochet evenly around the scarf doing a shell stitch around the hooded part. I used a 5 double crochet shell, but you can use any type of shell or other stitch you would like.



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