Sunday, March 26, 2006

Loomed Scarf Hat Combo

All the ends were hidden and the section for the hat sewn up and I though it was ready to go, but I wasn't happy with the hood part. It seemed to be fitting funny. So I worked last night to take out about an inch of the bottom section where I sewed it to make the hood. Now it seems to sit much better. You know I do a good job of hiding those ends. It took me more then an hour to find one of them without messing up the stitches where they were hidden. I was proud of myself, but angry with myself at the same time. I shouldn't have hidden the ends till I was absolutely sure that I was finished. I had a doubt and I didn't listen to myself. For shame, for shame on me.

I then decided to edge the whole thing. It is a straight sc edge for the sides, with a shell around the hooded part. Looks really cute. I still am not all that happy with the whole thing. I think that the scarf section is way to wide. I didn't make it really long as this one is to just sit across the front chest to keep that warm. It really doesn't need to have a lot of bulk to go around the neck as this is a double knit on a board (double rake loom) with two strands of worsted weight. The hood part sits low down on the neck/shoulder line and will keep that nice and snug.

My sister has an old knitted hat (machine knitted), that I have been looking at for some ideas. I think I need to take a much better look at the construction of that one and then maybe I can come up with some kind of better idea of how to change mine.

Now that I have added an edging and removed a sewn section, I again have ends to hide. I tried that method of laying the ends inside the loom to hide as you go and I think I have been entirely right in not doing this before now. I Don't Like It. The weave is big enough on these larger gauged looms that you can see those ends sitting there like a ticking bomb waiting to go off. They have little to hold them in place and will soon choose to slide out of the whole thing. I will not give them that chance. I removed the offending sections and will rehide in my own do it my way, way. Maybe this might be ok with a much finer gauged loom as the stitches are tighter and they (the stitches) will have the ability to hand on to those ends. We shall see. Now I am going to have to try this on the 1/2" gauged loom to compare to what I have seen on the 5/8" gauged loom. Gee am I being too picky, I don't think so, my work has proven itself over and over.

Anyway, I will get those ends done today and get my camera back from the son to take a few pictures to post. Every time I get that camera back he has to borrow it again with in the hour. Last weekend when they were gone I had hoped to have the camera to take pictures of a bunch of things but then it went traveling south and that was the end of that. Oh well, today should be the day I can get some of these pictures taken. I have to do it now as the package needs to leave in the next day or so.

The ringing in my ears is still driving me crazy. It gets better then worse. Darn allergies anyway. I did nothing but sleep the entire day yesterday. I hate that. Such a waste of good daylight hours. I am not a nighttime type of person. I love the bright day with lots of heat and sunshine. It had only been my intention to lay down for a bit as my head was ringing so loud but I fell asleep and just didn't wake up. Then I was up and down last night as I had already had my days allotted sleeping time. Now I am forced to keep myself awake at any and all cost today or mess my schedule up really bad. I hate messed up schedules. Creature of habit I am. I like going to bed early and getting up early. When I am first up I am usually the first for about 2 hours. Two hours that are mine, all mine. I don't have to share with anyone and I like it. No one to ask questions, intrupt me in my thinking, or ask me to do something, that makes me happy. This thing in my head is not fun. Sounds are muted, even brushing my hair sounds funny. Kind of like a scritching noise, best way I can describe it.



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