Sunday, March 12, 2006

Magic Scarf Pattern

How to make the magic scarf:

You need a round loom, how wide you want the opening will depend on the size you want. I have done one on the red kk, and a couple on the yellow kk. The red kk one opens up and form fits around the face. The yellow kk one opens up much wider and forms around the face like a cowl. People have used the blue kk to make a very small one or for children.

Use yarns such as fun fur, eyelash or some other that will have the same type of stretch (these are the two I have used). Before you begin leave a long piece of yarn to take off with. Some have mentioned up to five feet but I don't use quite that much.

Do a one over one for the length of the scarf you want with one strand (I have heard about two strands being used but I have only used the one).

When reaching the length, I have used two skeins to three skeins of yarn, work off till only one stitch is on all pegs.

Load a needle with the piece of yarn you saved and pick up all the stitches off the pegs (make sure you do not pull through the end of the yarn).

When all stitches are on the pickup strand, hold the two ends of the strand so that they can not come out of stitches. Now spread the end opening as wide as you can taking up excess of the strand (this is why you need a long strand), keep opening it as wide as it will go.

When that opening is as wide as you can get it tie off the two ends of the pickup strand and hide them.

Now the ends of this type of yarn are often very slick and can slide out so hide the ends far in. Some other peoples tips are to tie tight and cut the ends leaving some longer strands to match the ones around it. Or to put some washable frabric glue on the knots to hold them.

You are now done. Grasp the opening, either side, to pull it over the head. If the work is loose enough on some people it can even be pulled down around the neck and shoulders, for a tigher work only around the neck.

Now take the scarf off and run it through your hands compress it slightly. See it collapse back to a thin strip. It's magic. Now wrap around the neck for a regular type of scarf.




Anonymous Aurora said...

How do you cast on? seems like the regular cast on would be too tight.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

Because of the type of yarn used, the eyelash or fun fur, it is not necessary to do anything but the regular cast on.

This type of material forms a mesh that is very flexible and stretches quite well.

6:03 PM  

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