Sunday, March 26, 2006

K2P2 Baby Ghan

Here is the baby afghan I did on a board loom that is not, yes not, a double knit. It is a K2P2 pattern. If you look at the one picture you can see the stitches, I stretched the piece to get this. You can see two knit stitches next to each other, then two purls next to each other. I know kind of hard to see in the picture, but I would never say I was a great photographer, cause I am not.

Still if you can make out the two knits then you probably can see the purls in between two sets of 2 knit stitches. These purls actually lay between the knits and not behind. The whole set up for knitting these is very different and leaves the work looser (not loose as in the type that everyone complains of), just loose enough so that the two sides are not tugging each other to be back to back almost (they are never exactly back to back, but close enough).

Well, I have been saying I am going to post pictures of this and now I have. At least these two. This was made on a 5/8" gauged 36" afghan loom. I used baby soft yarn, a double strand. It doesn't need an edge as the edge is made as you knit. This has a simple figure eight stitch for the top, bottom, and both sides. Much easier to build your edge as you go then to do it after.



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