Sunday, April 02, 2006


I love the tatting that is ladies and creatures. Here you see a bird that is from Tatted Animals by Inga Madsen. I looked for the picture of the cat I did from this same book but it is not on this computer. I will have to search my other computer to see if it is still there. I also have an elephant in the works from that same book. There are many very nice patterns in Inga's book.

The Seahorse is one of the free patterns from Jane Eborall's website. Oh she has many wonderful patterns and making more all the time.

Sometimes it is a little difficult following written patterns, but for those who really have a hard time, Inga's book is all diagrams that are easy to follow, but there is little written for the pattern. So the need to be able to follow a diagram is great.

Now the seahorse is Jane's medium one. She does have a pattern for a larger seahorse on her site: . She has written instructions along with diagrams for many things. I know there is a diagram for the medium and large seahorses, but I don't think all her patterns do have the diagrams. What do you want, she places them on the net for free, and that is just wonderful. She also has a varity of things to choose from. So check her out if you are a tatter and have not been there.


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