Monday, October 23, 2006


Oh my gosh. I got an email from my cousin Darla today with a birthday wish. Birthday, it's not my birthday. Well, not today but tomorrow it is. Oh I almost missed my birthday again. I guess it is just not that important a day as it use to be. ROFLOL

Well, this one should be important. Well important enough that I really would want to miss it. I will be 55 tomorrow. In many areas, stores and such, around here, that makes me a senior. Oh no, I am getting old. Well duh, everyone is getting old, I am just getting there faster then some others now.

My grandson Payton asks do you know how to tell someone is a hundred years old? They have white hair. His dad says, like grandma, Payton says yes. ROFLOL I have a silver white hair. Have had it for years and years. So I guess that 55 is not bad because according to Payton I have been a hundred years old for years and years and years.

Humm, not doing to bad for being way over a hundred. I can still get around pretty good. ROFLMBO



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