Thursday, March 22, 2007

CinDWood Crafts Special on Looms

The following is a message I received a while back from Cindy. In contact with her in the last couple of days, she tells me that she still has some of these looms available. So for those who still might be interested, please contact Cindy. You can reach her through her email at her website: She will be able to tell you exactly which looms are still available. I know that there were a couple of people who were looking for this special from Cindy.

Cindy says these will be available only for the ones she has now. The two new looms, listed at the bottom, will be on her website starting in May. Oh and the 48" S loom is a single rake loom, not a board loom.

I hope that you are all well. I wanted to tell you about a stack of looms that I have by accident that will be available for a great price since I didn't have to pay for the boards. For some reason the computer that my looms are designed on cut out 10 panel looms wrong. I ordered the 36 inch 1/2 inch gauge panel looms and the program cut me 10 48 inch 5/8 inch gauge looms. They will be available for $20 which is the cost of the pegs and pick. I know that the 48 inch is very long, but it works if you are sitting in a chair or at a table.

The next are 2 looms that I have just gotten done that I want to test out before I add them to the website.

One is a round loom that is 15 inches in diameter and has 90 pegs at 1/2 inch gauge. I had a request for it for a large bag that the client wanted to make. I have 10 made to start with and will sell them for $20 for the trial ones.
The other trial loom is a 48 inch S loom done as a 1/2 inch gauge rake. It may not work easily as a panel loom because the pegs aren't evenly across from each other, but you can use some of it I think if you watch the spacing. This trial loom will be $35 for these 10.

If any of you or your customers or chatroom clients are interested in this loom have them email me to order them.

Have a great day and weekend all of you.
Cindy Clyde



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