Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crane Birds

I don't know exactly why or where it came from but we have a Crane hanging around. It is so huge. I walked out front this morning and it was sitting on a floating object in the fish tank. How it was doing that I am not sure, but my eyes saw it and it saw me and took off.

I had to go check to make sure that it didn't manage to steal a fish or two. Nope so far it hasn't. Now we are going to have to find a way to prevent it from getting to the fish. So far the trees over the tank have stopped it, but now it is not working. It has found a way.

These fish are way too expensive and we have put far too much money into their care to allow some dumb bird that shouldn't even be here to eat them. Hey, the river is just a short hop by wing away from here. Why is it bothering our little tank.

Well, off to make sure it hasn't come back. Darn thing anyway, we have some newer tiny koi that haven't even had much of a chance at life yet. I picked them out special for the hubby last summer and don't want to see this overgrown bird get them.

Cranes are not normal around here. It needs to go home. ROFLOL



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