Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 18 update

Sorry that it has been several days since I updated. I have been so busy. No not knitting, though there has been a little of that.

The boss suddenly left for play time. One worker was taking days off, one worker was let go just before the boss left, can you say shorthanded, many times over. So what's left, one worker full time 9.5hrs per day shop, field and oncall; one worker 4.5 hours per day, shop and a little field; one worker 7.5 four days and one day 4hrs shop an occasional field and oncall; one worker 8 hours four days, field only. This in a shop that needs two full time 9.5 hour people and three full time field people. LOL, then me part time various hours, doing bookkeeping. So the phone rings and rings and rings. The two days that the other shop is closed (worker taking days off), that phone transferred to the main shop. Oh goodie, I get to answer phones and try to tell people things I don't have a clue about. ROFLOL At least I can field calls like when do you close or why isn't the little shop open. Guess that helps a bit.

Still I am so tired I don't even think about knitting, well I think about it but the brain isn't in a good shape for right thinking about it.

I finished up most of the paper work yesterday that I need to do a report to the state on my guardianship of my sister. This is a once a year thing to let them know she is still here, that I haven't robbed her blind (she doesn't even have that much, so most of her support comes from us, that's OK, she's my little sister) and tell them why the guardianship is still needed. I spent the day yesterday updating the database that I set up for her bank account and am so lax about doing on a regular basis. So now it is ready to print all the documentation on her account for the last year. I turn this in with the notarized paper to the court. They can then see exactly where her funds are being spent. If the truth be told most is on her house payment and most of the leftover on her babies (her cats). That's ok, those cats keep her healthy and happy and that's the good for her.

So today I plan to do the report printout, and then time for me and my knitting. I have a file almost done for the Lace spiral hat I designed. I am going to send it to a friend to look over. I am hoping it will be easy enough for anyone to understand. She is already a loom knitter and she can give me some idea of how bad this looks. This is a very simple pattern to do but very hard to write up. Right now I just need to add some pictures I took to the file.

Well, that is about it. Oh I am working on another piece that wasn't meant to be lace, but it might just turn out that way because of the large gauged loom and the one strand of worsted. It looks lacy right now but this thing is more complex in the rows, so I haven't gotten very far in the making of it. I have to utilize a lot of stitch markers to keep track of the twelve repeat rows, or wait, is it eleven. See got me lost already just thinking about it. Anyway, it means stopping and moving stitch markers every other row, the even rows are a simple knit every stitch.



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