Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lazy or somewhat

I didn't get much work done on projects yesterday. I managed to get maybe 10 rows of the baby ghan worked on. My daughters young man went north to his dads house where they are converting an old horse trailer to a working trailer for his farrier business. So my daughter came her with the baby for the day.

Oh man, is this boy testing his wings and is he learning to fly. Right now he doesn't really talk in sentences but he has the words to do so. He just prefers one word at a time to say what he wants or signs. He smacks his lips for food and points (does this a lot he is a big eater), and does sipping noises for wanting a drink. If you say a word he repeats, all of the words you do for him. He is learning fast and I expect soon he will show up one day and talk me to deafness.

Testing his wings comes into play with he wants to do all the big boy stuff. He is a daredevil and is into everything. Now you have to understand, I am not one to kid proof a house, instead I house proof the kid. Of course there are general things like keeping meds up high away from little hands, the knives put where hands cannot reach, and the cabinet with cleaning product locked up away from little hands, but other then the really dangerous I don't do different with the grands then I did with daycare or my own kids. They learn what they can touch and what is not for babies.

So he explores. He knows the "not for babies" line and obeys it. At least for a time. The testing of wings has him trying, then leaving after the "not for babies" then coming back again. You know we all have to explore, and we all have to learn what we can and cannot have. So it is with the little ones. Yes this takes up more of my time but in the long run I have less to deal with then I would otherwise, because they learn that if it is not for them they must leave it be. I have had little trouble with that over the long years of motherhood and my friends found they did not have to house proof for my children. Just tell them they cannot touch and they left it alone. Mom has a long memory of not listening and you are subject to being held accountable for your actions, even at 18 months old.

We had a beautiful day outside. The expected rain did not come and we had no clouds in the sky. It was warm and comfortable. So outside for the afternoon. Most of the yard back and front was still too wet for play but the driveway was find. We brought with us the two little lawnmower toys, a CAT (not the animal kind but the toy kind that copies a construction vehicle), and then we found the brush for the carport and the washing brush for cars. Oh and the ride on toy. Oh what fun that one is. It makes noise and if you bounce on it, it moves all by itself.

Papa was home and we were lucky he got to stick around and play. He was on call but all the calls he got came early in the morning so in the afternoon he had grandson time. There was checking out the fishes and helping papa clean the tree junk that falls in with the winds blowing out of the tank. He, the grandson, thought he was such a big boy helping papa do that.

Mom has taught him timeout. We are not big on spankings. If you hit me all I want to do is possibly hit you back, it will not make me agree with you, just angry. So a swat is saved for a very serious action. Time outs work great for some kids. My kids sure helped me learn some very creative things to do for punishments that didn't involve placing hands on them. They now all tell me the worst punishment was making them listen to me lecture them. How boring and time consuming that was. They could have been off doing something better. So the little one has learned about time out. When you are even talking about time out and his learning it his hands go to the front or back and he shows you he is doing nothing wrong. I had to laugh at that.

My children have passed on or adopted some of my creative techniques for punishments. If you cannot keep your hands to yourself, then you can sit and hold hands till you learn how. You can walk through the stores holding hands. Isn't that sweet people say. Well, not in the minds of the kids. It is a horrible punishment. Cannot stop making gestures at each other then you can sit on your hands to make them mind. He/she's looking at me. Then sit face to face, no closing eyes, and get a really good look.

Oh the school thing not doing homework and failing classes. The couch is a very nice place to sit till everything is caught up, no reading books, no video games, no TV, no phone calls, no nothing. The only thing important in your life is school work. Sure does bring on straight A's quickly.

So not much in crafting but a fun day watching what the littlest in the family is learning. Oh where does he put all that food. He munches constantly, a sandwich here, soup there, a cracker, another sandwich, a bowl of cereal, wow so much food for such a little guy.

Darn forgot my video camera again.



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