Saturday, February 24, 2007

48" board loom

So I went and did it. Cindy over at CinDWood made some boards by accident, well the person who cuts her boards did. They are were suppose to be some 36" 1/2" gauge boards, but she wound up with 48" 5/8" gauged boards. She said there are ten of them, well not now as I am getting one of them. They are $20 each.

I have a couple of 36" straight boards, and a 48" S looms, but a 48" straight loom, wow that is long, but I am going to give it a try. She is also testing a couple of other looms if people are interested. She has a few, a very few, 15" round looms with 90 pegs at 1/2" gauge that she is selling for $20 while they last (at last I heard there were 9 left as I purchased one of these also).

Then she is trying out a 48" S loom at the 1/2" gauge also. These first she has cut she is selling at $35 each.

Don't forget there is also shipping costs. I don't know how many she might have left now but you can contact her by email at
CinDWood Crafts

I have only done this type of link once, if it doesn't work please let me know in a comment. I think it checks out ok.

Anyway, contact her and ask if she still has any of the looms available that you might be interested. This is a very limited offer, so you have to be quick.



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