Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stitch conversion-edited

A person on groups asked how to do this needle stitch pattern on a knititng loom.
Pattern Multiple of 16+1
"Row 1 (RS) K 1, *yo, k 6, (slip 2 tog as if to knit, k 1, p2sso), k 6,
yo, k 1; rep from * across."
Row 2 and all even rows purl
Row 2 and all odd rows repeat row 1

It is a bit of work but it can be done as follows:

You need to do all your moves on this one first. So as follows:
Row 1:
Skip the first 7 pegs for now (we first need to make an opening for our yarn over)
Peg 8 move to peg 9, these are your slipped stitches
Peg 10 move to peg 9, this is the knit stitch
(you will leave pegs 8 and 10 empty to do your moves for the yarn overs)
Now move wraps as follows
Peg 7 to peg 8
Peg 6 to peg 7
Peg 5 to peg 6
Peg 4 to peg 3
Peg 3 to peg 4
Peg 2 to peg 3
Peg 2 leave empty
Peg 1 leave as is
Peg 11 to peg 10
Peg 12 to peg 11
Peg 13 to peg 12
Peg 14 to peg 13
Peg 15 to peg 14
Peg 16 to peg 15
Leave peg 15 empty
Peg 17 leave wrap alone
Repeat this process for as many times as needed for pattern repeat.
Wrap and knit off. You will knit off the pegs that have more then one wrap on them leaving only one wrap per each peg. The pegs that have one wrap only just leave alone.
Row 2: Knit across
Row 3: Repeat row 1
Row 4: Repeat row 2

If you see a mistake please let me know. I re-read several times but things do get missed. Knew I would forget something, so I edited the portion where you purl on the even rows, if you are doing in the round then purl if knitting on the loom in flat method then knit this row. I always forget that portion. Bummer, sorry.



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