Friday, March 02, 2007

Loomed baby ghan

I have several inches of the baby ghan with the ponto 4 stitch done now. This is a very interesting stitch. So far it is quite pretty, but it still isn't long enough to show the final look of the stitch.

One thing though is this is slow going. You e-wrap two pegs at a time but when knitting off you still have to knit each peg. The two stitches knitted before the multiple wrapped pegs are interconnected so they are tight to knit off. I have to keep it loose but those stitch still are tight. Once the first side is knitted off the second side is a little easier to do. This tightness is making each row take a little longer to complete. So it is slow going.

The homespun yarn is so pretty. This color is called Mardi Gras, I might have mentioned that before. The colors are darker then what I normally use for a baby ghan, but still quite lovely. I am only using one strand so the weave of the piece is not really tight and this is good as I was looking for a looser weave. On the 1/2" gauged loom this was a perfect choice of yarn for one strand.

Since I am using that yarn guide, I have not had that bunching trouble that this yarn brings to the work. With tight stitches I would be frogging if I had to also deal with that bunching of the fluff along the strand of thread that is the base of this yarn. The built in edging will save me from having to deal with this yarn to do an edging. I just don't want to work this yarn without a guide, and in crochet there are no guides for yarn like on a loom.

I am wondering how the holding power of this yarn will be. I am use to yarns for afghans that have bounce. This yarn has a little but not as much as the yarns I normally use. So this might or might not have that long term use as an afghan that my other works have had. Well, it is for a baby and many parents don't hang on to them long after baby out grows them. So it is doable and I will not expect it to be something that lasts for year after year. It will be what it will be.



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