Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Row of stitches converted

This is the third row of a ripple stitch pattern for a shawl from Lion Brand: Very Easy Ripple Shawl (I have discovered that if you are not already signed into the Lion Brand site under your registration you have to sign in before accessing the pattern or you can sign in and search for the knitted pattern by the name) In case you are interested in seeing the rest of the pattern. Sorry I converted this row but not the entire pattern, that is not my right. Just know that if you decide to convert the rest of the pattern, leave the odd rows as the are written and change the even rows to the opposite stitch. Yes you can do this for your own personal use, but not to claim as your own. Here is a simple conversion of a row of stitches.

This row: K3, *{k2tog)x3, (yo, k1)x6, (k2tog)x3; repeat from * to last 3 sts, k3

This is done in multiples of 18 plus 6 stitches.

You would do the following

Peg 1-3 Knit

Peg 4-5, lift the stitch on peg 4 hold it, lift the stitch from peg 5place it on peg four and place the stitch you are holding back on peg four, wrap and knit the two bottom stitches over the wrap.

Pegs 6-7: Lift stitch from peg 6 hold it, lift stitch from peg 7 and place it on peg 5, place stitch you are holding on peg 5, wrap and knit off

Pegs 8-9: Lift stitch from peg 8 hold it, lift stitch from peg 9 and put it on peg 6, put the stitch from peg 8 that you are holding on peg 6, wrap and knit off the two bottom stitches.You have now completed the three K2tog's.

You will have three empty pegs 7, 8, and 9.

Peg 7 leave it empty,

Peg 8 move stitch from peg 10 to peg 8

Peg 9 leave empty

Peg 10 move stitch from peg 11 to peg 10

Peg 11 leave empty

Peg 12 leave alone

Now wrap pegs pegs 7 to 12, leave the pegs with one wrap alone, knit off the bottom stitch on the pegs with two stitches.

Jump to the next set of K2tog

Pegs 20-21 Move stitch 20 to 21

Pegs 18-19 Move stitch 19 to peg 20, and then stitch 18 to peg 20

Pegs 16-17 Move stitch 17 to peg 19, and then stitch 16 to 19Now back to pegs 13-15

Move peg 15 to peg 18

Move peg 14 to peg 16

Move peg 13 to peg 14

Wrap pegs 13 to 24,

Leave the pegs with on stitch alone, Knit off both bottom stitches on pegs with more then one wrap, Knit off bottom stitch of pegs with only one wrap.

Repeat the process for the next repeat.Remember if it is an odd row leave it as it is. If it is an even row change it to the opposite stitch.

Now having gotten this far, I think it is all correct, but if anyone sees something I might have missed then let me know by posting a comment. It is not always easy converting a stitch row from needles to the loom, and this one was really hard because of having the decreases on either end of the pattern repeat and the increases, by yarn overs, in the middle of the pattern repeat. I had to do that second set of decreases before I could see a way to move the stitches properly for the yarn overs. If you see a better way to do it please do let me know. I can think of one other way but it too would be a hard process, maybe worse.

After having sit and worked on this (I almost gave up entirely), I can say that I would not want to do this one for myself anytime soon. So no I have not tested it beyond putting it to paper. So if you test it please let me know how it works or if it even will. I would be interested in knowing how difficult it is.



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