Friday, September 28, 2007

The "Press"

Ok, so a few people are still interested in the "midget scarf (from group)". So I thought I would do a little checking into the press that is listed in their site.

Ok, Daily Candy:
Daily Candy
has a page:
Media Kit
That you can download that tells you a lot of information about the company. It also seems to be the guide on how to set up AD's at Daily Candy. They claim in their PDF file that they can "make or break" a product. This one kind of tells me that the "press" is all their own and they probably paid for that "press".

Now Style Hive:
Style Hive
is a you join it and build your own your own part of the hive.
They say "Professionals can promote themselves and get noticed by the world for their style" So this is another setup your own press.

This Next:
This Next
Is a sign yourself up and recommend things to people:
"ThisNext is a shopcasting network where you can discover, recommendand share things you love. Everything on This Next is recommended by real people like you." So I wonder just who recommended them?

She claims to be the one to find all the "green" things and posts them for people but she has a send me your feedback. So anyone, yep anyone could send feedback and have a press done on it because it seems to be green (seems to be green, see my before blog about China and goats as related to cashmere and judge for yourself if cashmere is really green, partly green, or not green at all, LOL)
Still Made In USA

Wists is a blogging site. We all know blogs. This is blogging with a little difference in mind, that being to sell a product. So I wonder who signed up to make the "pidge" pages. I am sure there are lots of people out there wanting this to be a big seller and decided to do it for them. Yea, like that. Wists

I have read across the internet in different forums about the sudden "press" that the pidge is getting so that it must be something special.

So now I a ROFLMBO because all of the press is a do it yourself setup and a no big deal thing. Each of these "press"sites are not exactly press, unless you want to call what you say to people about your own product "press". I guess that is press of one kind, but not the kind that the pages seem to make it sound like.

NOTE ADDED: For those of you really interested in selling things, you might want to check some of these out. They do sound like good tools to use for sales. Now I cannot tell you if there are charges but you could check it out.


Anonymous Leslie said...

The Pidge folks used to have another press item on their site, one put out by Karabella. Notice that it has now been removed... I'm guessing they decided no one should know that Karabella Supercashmere is the yarn they use. (FWIW, Karabella, like most Italian yarn companies, uses non-sustainable Asian cashmere.) Karabella still has the information posted, however! Haha.

2:30 PM  

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