Sunday, July 01, 2007

Knitting on Double Needles

My baby girl and the love of my life, my husband

I have had little time left over for myself with schooling and weddings and what not's happening, but I did take a little set of double point needles and some worsted weight yarn and played with these.

I am not making anything, I am just trying to learn how not to let those ladders occur in the work and I think I have it. It is not really all that difficult, well not the little bit I have done. I finally have a four inch piece that looks pretty good.

Granted these are large needles and I only used the stockinette stitch for practice but it looks good and that counts bunches for what I have tried in the past. I didn't even look at the size of the needles just grabbed some that looked like they would work with the worsted weight yarn and gave it a go.

So now I know that I can do this. I have tried so many times in the past and always failed. I am if nothing but stubborn though and if at first you don't succeed then try try again. LOL

I do believe that the more I loom knit, the better my needle knitting gets. I have said before that although I have needle knitted a very long time, I am no where near being beyond what I think of as the beginner in this form of needlework. Crochet has always been my first love and probably always will be.

Now I am done with so much that has been on the personal level and I am getting back into finishing files on the ripple stitch, learning this double pointed needle knitting, learning some more in Tunisian crochet, and am really to pick up my looms again.

The last week has been one of total burn out for me. Even my husband has noticed that all week I have gone to bed hours earlier then usual for me and I have sleep past him on most weekday mornings. That last has really made him say several times that I must be really worn out as I never, well till this last couple of weeks, sleep later then him.

My girl, my baby sister, and my youngest son

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Blogger DEEP END OF THE LOOM said...

Your daughter, son in law and grandson are gorgeous. What a beautiful family. I wish them the best and hope that they will find happiness and blessings in their lives.

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