Monday, October 01, 2007

Want to Do that Little Scarf

Remember when I said that "little scarf" would not be hard to do?

I actually said it was a figure eight on a board/double rake and it would be fast and easy to do.

I posted that you could make this wide or narrow depending on just who you were making it for. We talked about it being about the scarf being from six to eight inches in width and about 24 to 30 inches long.

Those button holes instructions can be found at, very nice instructions and easy tofollow.

Ok with me to this point.

I said the stitch used for that expensive scarf was one of the most common stitches used in knitting on the looms, the e-wrapped stitch.

With me so far?

So we have a knitting board, any knitting board will do, including the inexpensive knifty knitter, we have yarn, you can even get an inexpensive yarn that fakes the cashmere used, now we use the figure eight figure out how many pegs, and knit for XX amount of rows or inches, either add button holes or add buttons that will go through stitches on the larger gauged boards, and wow, we have that scarf.

Want to see it all put together for you?

Then check this out: Click on the picture and open it uplarger. Click on the link to get the pdf file. All mystery gone from "the scarf".

Does that stitch look familiar? It does to me. Now say, "Thanks Isela". You have put together what so many want.


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