Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As many know I have a couple of knitting machines that are the Brother KX 350 machines.  These are fairly simple plain machines with out much to add to them.   Still there are a couple of things I have found. 

Recently I bought a Brother 400 carriage that has other features to it and I am told it will work on the 350, but I have yet to test it.  Maybe this weekend that will happen.

I also found something that as I read is for the 350 machine.  I did read someone saying it is for the convertible brother machine but a seller says it is for the 350.  I have ordered this part and will test it to see if it really works.  Then if it does I will come back to post about it.

Currently I am working on finishing a scarf that I did on a bulky machine.  This has a matching hat.  It is the prettiest pink color.  I did that butterfly stitch for the pattern on it.  I think it turned out really well but am not sure how well it will be photograph.  These are such tiny little butterflies.

I started a loomed afghan for my son quite some time ago and never got it finished.  I just wasn't happy with it.  I was using the stockinette stitch with a double strand of yarn on a S loom from CinDWood Crafts.  This is the largest S loom that she has on site or on site as last I looked.  

So since I was not happy with it and still need it done, I have frogged what was there and am starting over with one strand of yarn rather then two.  It was just too thick with the two strands and when completed would have been way to heavy.

I have a growing pile of hats in a bag now.  My daughter will be going through them for the few she might want to use for pictures and the rest will be put aside in my charity pile of hats.

I also have another project on a machine that I am doing fair isle but using the long floats in a pull up pattern.  I had thought to do this one with only one color but then changed my mind on that.  That happens a lot, that changing the mind.  So I have a white yarn and a pink one I am using together.  I haven't work on this one lately as I hurt my arm and have needed it more healed.  This one takes great care on my part as this is a standard machine and everything is so tiny.

I have a few other projects in mind that I want to do.  Berta helped us figure out  a pattern and the problems it has.  It is a diamond shawl from a free pattern online.  Several people tried to work this and it just wasn't right.  So Berta took on the task of seeing what was going wrong.  She always does such an excellent job of getting people past that point of stuck.

Then there are some newer to me disks I bought from Berta and I need to play with the techniques on them  I also need to set up a ribber on one machine and start my learning process on that.  I did discover that one of my ribbers has a plastic sponge bar in it, but the other has a regular sponge bar.  Bummer that regular sponge bar is as flat as it can be.  So I need to order another sponge for that.  Just haven't take the time to do that yet.

Let's see what else is up.  Oh there is a piece on one of the 350's that I need to finish off so I can use that machine for other things.  There is a hat pattern out of Berta's group that is for this machine that I want to try.  It is a lined baby hat and should be cute.  I would also like to do some more baby booties from Berta's pattern.  Nope no more little babies, I just liked working the first I tried.  It was so cute.  Someone somewhere will have a baby and then they will come in handy for a gift.

Well can think of nothing else.  Oh yes.  I want no comments so I have set this blog to the no comment mode.  I just am tired of dealing with others deciding what I should think or be.  I am what I am, live with it.  ROFLOL  I do not have to be a copy of anyone else.  I do not have to follow blindly in the paths that people dictate to me.  I do not want any more input right now.  I am burned out on input.  I need some peace and quiet.  I will open up comments again sooner or later.  Well, after I remember I disabled them.  So many things to remember lately.