Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hat and scarf sets

All bulky machine scarves and hats.  The scarves have been seamed to be tubes and have been fringed.  The pompoms on the hats are not one single pompom but two pompoms added together to make a shorter wider look to them.  Instead of permanent attachment these have long ends pulled through to the inside and bow tied.  Thus they are removable.

Projects started with first scarf on Thursday night, and finished today, Sunday.  This was a marathon knitting session and I really hate doing that.  I am exhausted and my groups have not seen much of me in a couple of days because of it.  Sorry about that folks, but these are being picked up in just a scant hour from now and going straight to a picture setting.

This hat was the second of three I did in these colors.  The first two were testing and I still have one to complete. 


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