Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hats for Newly discovered grands

Well, the littlest one things he has discovered a grandma.  The instant he saw me it was grandma and up into my arms.  What a sweetie.  My girl, Heather is helping this family, mom and her two boys as she has been abandoned by many.  The boys are use to a much warmer weather and have no winter things, so I quickly made these for them.  The light blue one is the same yarn I just used to make hats for my grandsons, Tanner and Mason.

Keep the head warm and the body will do much better.  Oh when I gave the little one his hat and he put it on it was perfect.  I just knew he would look great in the color I choose, the green colored one.

It was sad though.  He has a grandma he is missing and my leaving him was heartbreaking.  Such a cry is enough to totally sadden the heart.  Poor baby.  At one and a half his life has been torn a part.



Blogger Mariella said...

Love the hats! How did you make them?
Bond or Innovations?
I really like the way the bottom of the ribbing has a slight scallop - have not seen that technique but I would like to learn it.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

They were made on a brother bulky KH230 machine but you could do the same thing on the bond. You just drop every other stitch and reform it to purls and that makes the ribbing. Start with e-wrapping the needles.

So just drop the stitch on the second needle over (either side), then using a latch tool or a crochet hook pick up the bottom strand by going above it and give a twist so it makes a stitch, then pull the next strand above through it, then contine picking up strands till you are at the last and put it back on the needle. Skip the next needle and drop the next to repeat. Do not drop end needles those are too hard to pick back up.

I used the mattress stitch to seam the backs. The green hat has five rows reformed, the blue hat has seven rows knitted then reformed.

8:05 AM  

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