Saturday, November 15, 2008

A little thought

If I do not have enough money to pay for things, then I cut back. I do not ask my neighbors to give me money to continue running my house. It is not their responsibility, it is mine and mine alone.

So why the heck do all those states, cities, businesses think that all their neighbors should bail them out. Cut back, and leave the rest of us alone.

Sorry, just heard about a bunch more companies wanting me and you to bail them out. Then there are more and more cities and states stepping up with hands held out saying me too, me too. Then there are those companies changing the way they do business just to jump on the "free money wagon".

How long till the bottom of the bag rips and everything spills out into one very nasty messy broken jumble.

Write Congress; tell them to tell all those asking for your money to cut back. You know there is a ton of waste out there and they can cut that and still run ok. Instead of putting in those "new" sidewalks, pay a police officer with that money, instead of planting a bunch of new trees, give the money to the fire department, instead of those raises they plan for the "vips", use that money to hire that clerk at the local courthouse.

Tell them to live within their means. We have to.


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