Monday, March 16, 2009

Tatted lady

Do you tat?  I learned some time ago.  Roger was my big leap in learning how to do that.  I wanted to tat for so long but couldn't get that "flip".  Everything I found I picked up and held onto but nope didn't work.

Then I found a tatting needle but that didn't work either.  I got the needle but no instructions.  

One day in Michaels I found not only more tatting needles but a book to teach.  The book is put out by Handy Hands  I was so excited.  Finally a step in the right direction.

I bought the book and the needles and home I came.  I was saying something to my son about never before finding anything of real help and he said "what about the internet".  Duh!  I was new to the internet at that time but had done some crochet looking and found a new open world.  Why did I never, ever think of searching for tatting.  So I did.

The very first thing I found was an msn group called Needle Tatting.  Rogers group.  I joined it instantly and started to bug Roger with questions about needle tatting.  Oh you should see the work he does, lovely.  I found lots of other stuff also, including some yahoo groups, but Roger was my knight in shining armor, my healer of wounds, my doctor to bring my cure.  I learned to needle tat.

The proess of learning to needle tat brought on the knowledge of what exactly was suppose to happen when you shuttle tat.  Oh joy upon joy, I learned that too.  So now I have the best of both worlds and all my thanks goes to Roger.  

Gone now is the msn groups that Roger started with msn deciding that they no longer wanted to house groups, but thankfully Roger is still around to help people like me.  Want to find him?  Check out proboards and look for either the Needle tatting group or the Social shuttle group.  The really grand news is that all his tutorials and patterns are still there.  

Now I am working the lady that I think is one of Rogers greatest moments.