Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some of these look to be too big but my doll is small and these are sizes for adults. They actually fit nicer then the doll shows them to fit.

This one has a bit of a different edging. Was trying something but not sure I like it all that much. Hat loomed with a chunky yarn.

This purple one isn't too clear but it is all I have. Innovations machine, with pound of love yarn.

This pink one is even worse as to clearness. Just couldn't get it right for these two. Innovations machine, with pound of love.

Loomed with a chunky yarn, hat edge is single yarn then doubled.

This one is crocheted with the same chunky yarns as some but in stripes. Pattern I developed when my children were little and been using since. Love this pattern.

Innovations machine, pound of love.

Loomed, chunky yarn.

This one is crocheted. I was trying for something a bit different as to looks. This is vertical crocheted, switching yarns to crochet the two colors. I think I am in love with a new to me technique that is similar to a knitting method. This one I have not done in this fashion before but will again.

Of all the hats I have done in the last few months I do have to say that my favorites are the two crocheted ones on this post. I just love this pattern.

My daughter had me tell her how to do this one and she says she loves it. It is something she has been looking for and everytime she finds what she wants it turns out to be knitted. So this one she says is excellent. That so pleases me.


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