Sunday, March 12, 2006

Double Knit Hat on a Round Knitting Loom Pattern

Here you see one hat with the edge turned up. One side of the hat is done in a light variaged color the other is done in the dark green color. I turned the brim section up so you can see the color on the opposite side to get an idea of what this looks like.

Technique used is standard e-wrap.

Material one or two colors of worsted weight yarn
Round loom any size, used for this hat 36 pegged loom
Yarn Needle

This hat was made for a 1 year old and fits him with a bit of room to grow, directions are for three size hats with larger hats in ( )

1. Holding two strands of yarn e-wrap and work a 1 over 1 for 28 (30)(40) row with first color, cut first color leaving long end for hiding.

2. Attach a double strand of second color and work for 28 (30)(40) rows

3. Bring up first row and place on pegs (do not work off)

4. Thread needle with either color of yarn for hat. Put needle through both the picked up row of bottom stitches and the e-wrapped stitches on the pegs. When all stitches are on the holding thread, gather and finish off.


You can work this hat all in one color by just working till the hat is the size you want it and finishing it off.

Another alternative is to work the first section of the hat for as many rows as needed. Finish off with a gather, then place the stitches for the first row back on pegs and work second color for an equal number of rows as first side, gather and finish off. At this point push one side of hat up into the other side to wear.

You can also make a different colored brim or two different colored brim.
Example: For the hat with 30 rows, work with first color for 25 rows change to third color and work for 10 rows, change to second color and work for another 25 rows and finish off.
Work for 25 rows change to another color for 5 rows, change to another color for another 5 rows, finish off in still another color. You will have one color with a brim color on one side. For the second side you will have two different colors.
Work for 35 rows change to another color for 10 rows, change to last color for another 35 rows.

You can also choose to make the brim in two colors. So say your first side of your hat is blue, then do a black brim for that side, then do white for the second brim and finish off with a red color for the second side. (colors just a suggestion, use what ones you want)

Try making your brim section with a different stitching. Throw in some purls or purls mixed with e-wraps or flat knit stitches.



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