Friday, March 10, 2006

Plastic Canvas work

Isn't he cute. I did this little plastic canvas tissue holder when my DIL was expecting her first child. I though it would be cute to have an extra little reminder around and wow I did blonde hair and he was born with blonde hair, but it is his little brother that has the favorite teddy bear. It was really very simple to do. The little boy with his teddy is made separately and then attached to the tissue box. So here is both of these boys in one, sort of.

I did mostly nothing yesterday except a few group posts and knitting. Oh I did pick up the DIL from work and take her to her insurance company to turn in some paper work and make a payment, but other then that I loom knitted. I am using a 1/2" gauged hat loom from CinDWood and since I am doing vertical stripes it is taking me a bit longer to get completed. The smaller gauge takes a bit longer to work and this keeping track of fun fur switches is for the mentally competent, not someone lacking in brains. If I had to start over I would choose a different pattern to follow with this combination of yarn, but then I always have been one to choose a harder one.

I get my grandsons for the day. Their mom and dad are headed north already to get their broken down car. Their plans are now to bring it home and trade it in. Since it broke down the last time it has been sitting at a friends house. They left at 4am so my oldest daughter is at the house waiting for them to wake. She will then bring them to me for the day. Well, depending on weather, it could be for the night. For once I got lots of sleep. I seem to have a habit of having insomnia whenever I have to babysit the next day, but not last night. I only woke once the whole night and that is unusual.


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