Monday, April 10, 2006

Furry striped hat and matching fur scarf

Here is the scarf and hat I recently did for an exchange in knitting. I know that is a doll wearing the hat and scarf but she is not as small as you might think. She is a rather large doll and that hat is made for an adult. See the pictures of her wearing the scarf, it is wrapped around in the pictures and covers her way beyond the bottoms of her feet. I made this scarf very long.

The scarf was doing holding a strand of Bernat baby soft lilac, a strand of fun fur dark blue, and a strand of fun fur lilac. I used a CinDWood scarf loom wrapping every other peg in a figure eight. You can make this one thinner to fit nicely around the neck or it stretches so that you can also wrap the head and have it covered nicely.

The hat was done in stripes. I use one strand of Bernat baby soft lilac with one strand of the fun fur blue and fun fur lilac for the rolled brim. The I added an additional strand of the Bernat baby soft and wrap the stripes with a strand of Bernat plus a strand of dark blue fun fur for one stripe, then a strand of Bernat plus a strand of lilac fun fur. The loom was a 1/2" gauged round adult hat loom from CinDWood Crafts. (see side bar for link to Cindys site, but a note from Wednesday April 12th until Wednesday April 19th Cindy and family will be on vacation and so not available for sales) I wrapped two pegs, with one color set, then the skipped pegs with the second color set, with a simple 1/1 wrap and knit off. No need to get fancy with fun fur, you don't see the stitches anyway.

So the set is off to it's new home and should be arriving soon. It is so soft and comfortable. I should make a set for myself for this next winter (only I think red and black with a burgendy background, oh sounds nice, ah need extra time, anyone know of a website selling such)



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