Friday, October 27, 2006


Last night I began to feel not so well. I had a pain in my jaw (had it damaged when I was a teen and it reacts to everything). That gave me a headache which always leads to my stomach hurting. Darn that head/stomach thing is a bother. Then my nose became stuffy. So I went to bed early. I told the hubby I though I was getting a touch of something. I was right.

This morning I feel terrible. Oh no not the flu, but I think that's what it is. A few times in the last week I have been around a few people who were experiencing the same types of things as I am now. I think they passed along the whatever they have. Wonderful.

I didn't finish this post but saved it as a draft this morning. I just got to feeling pretty rotten. So I went and laid down and got some much needed healing time. I still feel rotten but I have a couple of sets of mittens to finish off today. So time is passing and I must try to catch up with it.

My new long knifty knitter looms came today. Boy the pegs are much smaller, but the gap between pegs looks the same. I will get around to measuring them later.



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